autolobby: An iMacros macro to complete the "Create Lobby" form on TF2Center.

version 0.05 by naknak


This macro fills all the fields of the create lobby form. You can make changes before submitting.


  1. get iMacros for Firefox
  2. click the iMacros icon in your browser. Click "Record" then "Stop" to make a new, empty macro. Name it "autolobby".
  3. right-click the new macro, edit it, and paste the contents of autolobby.iim into it.
  4. edit variables to suit your needs. You must set at least the gameserver's IP:PORT and rcon password, if you want those things filled out automatically.
  5. Launch by double-clicking the Macro in the iMacro sidebar.You can still edit the form after the macro runs.
  6. In Firefox, you can right-click + "Add to Bookmark" and put the macro on your bookmark toolbar. In Chrome, the Volvo of web browsers, you can also do this, but it won't work. Sidebar only!